Fyve Derbyshire Condo By Roxy Pacific Holdings Limited

The Roxy Pacific-Holdings, headquartered in Singapore, is a real estate company founded in 1967. It currently focuses on the Property Development & Hospitality sectors.

In the Property Development sector, the Group has garnered a high repute and brand name in both the Commercial and Residential segments. In a span of only 13 years, the Group has developed 44 small-to-medium sized properties, totaling a staggering 4,300 commercial as well as residential units in Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Real Estate Developer

In the Hospitality sector, it owns the self-managed Grand Mercure-Singapore Roxy, its flagship hotel, in a franchise agreement with Accor Group, the French multinational hospitality company. The upscale luxury business hotel is situated in the historical Katong, which has a rich heritage and is a melting pot of all of Singapore's cultures - Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Eurasian. Furthermore, it is strategically located near the airport and also enjoys proximity with the Marina Bay-Resort Casino. The hotel is highly profitable, earning the Group steady and recurring income streams. Their latest project is Fyve Derbyshire which is the former Derby Court Enbloc.

The Roxy Pacific-Holdings Group also has an international presence in the hospitality sector. It has launched a few upscale hotels in exotic locations such as, Maldives as well as Phuket (Thailand), and Japan. It owns two hotels in Japan under the brand name Noku Roxy in Kyoto and Osaka.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Projects in Other Countries

In the Property Development section, it has several projects under way in Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia. One of the several real estate projects in Singapore include the Bukit 828, which is scheduled for completion in 2024. This is a residential property that is conveniently located, just a stone's throw away from the Rail Corridor. It aims to blend the allure of the exotic tropics with the sophisticated colonial comfort, coupled with elegance. It offers 34 limited edition units with a functional layout.

Another of its significant projects, the Harbor View Garden is a luxurious residential project that exemplifies great architecture with its distinct designs and unique landscaped gardens. The fifty seven units are designed to offer a unique combination of resort style luxury and a holistic environment, complete with natural beauty.

Commercial Projects by Roxy Pacific Holdings

The Roxy-Square Shopping Center is a prestigious commercial project comprising 51 shop units for lease, with an aggregate floor area of approximately 3,384 square meters, representing nearly 28% of the total tenable area. Located in a bustling neighborhood with residences, restaurants, hotels, and a shopping center, the area receives a steady inflow of residential as well as business crowds. It is located opposite the Parkway-Parade Shopping Center and is also near to the Changi airport & the Group's flagship hotel. Regardless of the size and location of the project, the Group is an epitome of quality and value. Its commitment to quality and value are reflected in the design of its commercial and residential properties. With the size and scope of its current and future projects, it is only poised for growth, further strengthening its brand in the real estate and hospitality industries.