About CSC Land Group



When it comes to our world, we know it goes beyond the house that we live in or the neighborhood it resides in. Our world is about the people in it, the relationships that we foster along the way and the exciting adventure we are on while we pursue our goals. As we journey through our lives, each place we have been leaves a part of us, a collection of our precious moments, an imprint of our hopes and dreams waiting to be developed.


And every story, including yours, is unique. From a newlywed millennial couple to a family of four, their stories are as varied and diverse as the people around them. Everyone needs their own space, build their way. At CSC Land Group, we develop spaces that are tailored for every stage of our customers’ lives. Spaces that allow them to live their life story to the fullest. Whether you are striving for progress in your career or personal life, commercial success for your business or quality time with your family, we build spaces to help fulfill your dreams and aspirations. We listen to the stories of our customers and through our developments, bring them to life.


CSC Land Group is building a world where people and communities can fulfill their aspirations. We do this by envisioning possibilities to enrich assets, our people and support the environment for a thriving and sustainable world.

We are a future-ready developer with a rich parentage of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), the world’s largest investment and construction conglomerates, ranked 24th on Global Fortune 500 Enterprises. The heritage had been extended locally since 1992, in the capacity of China Construction (S.P.) Development Co Pte Ltd (CCDC), which is one of the most awarded A1 builders registered with Building Construction Authority (BCA). Now, 1 in 25 people lives in a quality home built by CCDC. Together, we are here to create lasting value for our customers and investors with sound corporate governance and risk management.

CSC Land Group develops spaces with empathy – an ability to understand and listen. Our assets are high on value, functionality, balanced with good design and a sense of purpose. We believe that our customers’ homes are not just homes, they are their world and we are building them, their way.

If you wish to own one of The Verdale Condo units, all you need to do is directly call Hotline or to leave your contact via Fill in the Form, our sale team will connect shortly. On the other hands, don't forget to see more background information about Verdale Condo @Jalan Jurong Kechil on our homepage now